Derek R. Brookes


Composition Date: 2015
Duration: c. 3.30′
Instrumentation: Woodwind Quintet and Piano

Program Notes

This was my first composition for wind quintet and piano.  After my immediate delight over hearing such a stunning combination of sounds, dynamics and textures, this little piece just leapt onto the page, as it were — without any real intention or pre-thought.

In hindsight, I think the first few bars set the tone. Thereafter it almost inevitably rolled out as a kind of musical caper, with the instruments jostling for attention, tumbling over each other, clapping and stamping in time (à la flamenco), occasionally collapsing for a reflective breather, and then starting off all over again.

I had a lot of fun with the piece, and I hope performers and listeners will have a similar experience.